2019, Hiking, Pacific Northwest

Hikes Around Western Washington

Where do I go next to hike? A question most natives to PNW ask themselves when summer rolls around. Finding great hiking trails with or without a lot of people are abundant around Western Washington. Here are my favorite hikes to do. Mt. Baker National Wilderness I believe Mt. Baker national forest is a best… Continue reading Hikes Around Western Washington

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Hiking In The Alpine|Things I Wished I Knew Before

Hiking is a rewarding experience many people in the PNW thoroughly enjoy. Last summer I had the opportunity to experience hiking in remote, alpine regions of Western Washington. When I first started out on the big adventure last summer, I failed to realized I may not know what I was up against. I learned the… Continue reading Hiking In The Alpine|Things I Wished I Knew Before

2018, Au Sable Institute/Pacific Rim Institute, Hiking, Seattle, Washington

Winchester Peak Lookout & Twin Lakes

Taking off on an impromptu back country adventure was in store for one last hurrah before we all moved to different parts of the world. Packing the van with our gear and headed out towards Mount Baker Wilderness, we started the beginning of goodbyes. Backcountry camping at it finest! By the time our group got… Continue reading Winchester Peak Lookout & Twin Lakes