12th Man x 4 = Super Bowl 48!

Blue and Green! Go hawks!


All started right after the win. The boys looked at each other and said now on to the Super Bowl for the win of a lifetime while dumping Skittles over themselves. Next morning, a co-worker of mine started planning the whole building’s Super Bowl Tailgating party. Within two weeks all of Seattle and the country was a buzzed with speculation on the two teams (from the only two states with legalized marijuana use) in winning the Super Bowl. It has been a very exciting two weeks, and the whole of Seattle with a non stop party for the team who has taken the NFL by storm this season. Also this is the season I have become a Seahawks fan all over again. And I cannot complain!

Tuesday before the Super Bowl our work had a tailgating party in support of our Seahawks. The tailgating party ended up being over sixty plus people showing up and precipitating in what we like to call “team building” activities together. Took a lot of planning in a short period of time to grill fifteen pounds of hamburger and hot dogs for all of us. Even after all that we had lots of left overs! But we did get the Costco sized boxes of Skittles before the “great” shortage of Skittles happened on Sunday.

At most tailgating parties we had beer and soda, but the one thing we did decided to do was the Skittle Jell-O Vodka shots in the Seahawks colors. I will admit, we used cheap vodka for this, and so the blue had a taste of cough syrup and the green had a very strong lime vodka flavored that I almost choked on with the Jell-O.

Taking a shot for the team
Taking a shot for the team

One very fun thing we did was have a pinata that was made into a Denver Bronco (ok it was a My Little Pony Unicorn one….we had to improvise!). The day before the party the My Little Brony was ok, but some how between the afternoon of hanging him up, someone as a practical joke on the Hawks fan put a yellow rubber chicken with the 12th Man logo on the chest and put it in the mouth of the Bronco. The Bronco had turned into a vampire bronco with fangs and blood all over its mouth for added effect.

Too bad My Little Bronco did not survive the destruction we all took out on it. Poor thing did not have a chance at all!

Has no legs now!
Super Bowl Sunday came and I was ready for the intense game starting at three West Coast time. My boyfriend and I were invited to a small friend’s Super Bowl Party at his house. As a team, we both made Buffalo Potato Wedges ( recommended dunking them in Buffalo sauce before baking them-it taste really good!) and Jalapeno Popper Dip. Both had rave reviews from the party.

Game time came and boy were we all surprised at how the score turned out! Most of us thought the game was going to be a close one with the Broncos putting up a fight at least. The first 12 seconds of the game was a big surprise! The ball went whizzing past Payton Manning’s helmet! And the look on his face through the whole game was just complete shock. The whole game the guys were down in the Man cave watching on huge flat screen while all of us girls were upstairs watching it in the living room. You can say it was male bonding moment down stairs and girl time upstairs. Through the whole game, the downstairs TV had a thirty-second delay, so when there was a touch down, they would see it thirty seconds after us. At times there were funny moments because you would hear them downstairs laughing at an ad right after us. I guess you had to been there to know. My excited boyfriend had to run up the stairs every time we scored a touch down with the Skittles. Towards the end of the game we had to be rushed out one Skittle because we started running out of them.

Then it was the moment of truth…….

Photo credit: New Pittsburgh Courier

The Seahawks won the Super Bowl! The whole party erupted into cheers and you could hear the firework exploding off the Space Needle from where we were. A victory for Seattle! The score was unbelievable, and the whole city of Seattle parties well into the night.

As we were leaving my boyfriend’s friend’s house up along Queen Ann, there was lots of people in the streets celebrating like crazy. Just seeing how joyful of a celebration of a super bowl win on the city was apparent on the local news.

Two hours later my boyfriend was super excited over the win that he went out to the local Sports Authority and bought himself some of the Super Bowl champions gear they were starting to put out. Too bad the shirt he got me did not fit, so he will be taking it back to exchange it for a size that will fit me. How thoughtful of him!

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks and all the 12th Man fans for winning the 48th Super Bowl! You all worked very hard for this. For the Denver Broncos, you had an amazing season as well. Congratulations on making it to the Super Bowl again and winning the AFC championship title!

12th Man! Seattle Is Earthquake Loud!

I was never really a hardcore Seahawks fan until I met my current boyfriend. You can say he is a huge fan with his a lot of Hawks gear ( he bought himself a 12th man fan Seahawks jersey recently). I have always supported our hometown team as a fair weather fan. But this season, oh my! When Friday rolls around before a game, the whole city of Seattle is washed in blue and lime green with the 12th Man flags proudly displayed. At work all of us would find our navy blue lab coats, and proudly wear them in support of the Hawks. I even broke down and bought lime green nail polish to show support! I look at it as an investment since the Seattle Sounders soccer team has the same colors scheme as the Seahawks.

In the past two months it has been Hawks fever and even the NFL are starting to take notice too of how crazy and awesome the fans really are. If you haven’t seen, the Hawks fans are the loudest fans in the NFL with a record-breaking sound of 137.6 dB. Enough for one team in NFL to file a complaint about how obnoxiously loud the fan are. It did not stop us one bit. Another crazy moment is the earthquakes at Century Link Field after Lynch makes a touchdown. The University of Washington registered a magnitude of 1-2 on the seismic monitors. Crazy! Oh and we throw Skittles every time there is a touch down made by the team. So raining Skittles is a Seattle thing apparently. But I don’t need to tell anyone this for if you looked at the Championship game between the SF 49ers and the Seahawks, it is apparent on how the 12th man does it.

I have never been to a Seahawks game ever. I grew up here, but never had the chance to go to one. I came almost close to scoring tickets the Championship game, until a co-worker passed off my answer to a question our company’s CEO asked as his own. Apparently I was drowned out by his loud voice. Yep it sucked to have to have that happen but as I was told a few times, the best seats to the game are at home on a huge flat screen TV. So it was not all that bad I guess. He later in the week he sold the tickets for $4,000 for the two. Ugh! In the end I ended up watching the game with a group of my boyfriend’s friends and their girlfriends or family. I believe it was much better this way instead. Though I really wanted to see the look on my boyfriend’s face when I told him I scored tickets to a sold out game!

So Sunday I went over and watched this amazing game with a bunch of diehard Seahawks fans and found out I am not really bad luck as long as I have a Seahawks shirt on and the Seahawks hard hat on while watching the game. The back story of this superstition is the fact that every time I have watched the Hawks play at home; they always lose to the team they are playing. This has been true for my Dad who was a Oakland Raiders fan for a very long time, until a few years ago when the Seahawks started becoming a team with some staying power. I never knew why this happened, and when my boyfriend invited me over as his plus one, I was hesitant-really hesitant. In the first half of the game I though yep see I told you I am bad luck, look there is no score for the Hawks. By the end of the game things changed, and I believe it was at that point I started notice that maybe I just needed to be around diehard fans so the mojo is better. One thing I learned, I need to wear a Seahawks fan shirt and my boyfriend’s hardhat for the Super Bowl. At least then Seattle will have a fighting chance.


Yes we all ate (not throw) Skittles every time a “Beast Mode” went into action and scored a touchdown for the team or when Sherman made the game changing interception to win the game for Seattle. And now off to the Super Bowl! Feels amazing to see the Seahawks go again for second time, and hopefully win this time.