2018, Au Sable Institute/Pacific Rim Institute, Hiking, Seattle, Washington

Winchester Peak Lookout & Twin Lakes

Taking off on an impromptu back country adventure was in store for one last hurrah before we all moved to different parts of the world. Packing the van with our gear and headed out towards Mount Baker Wilderness, we started the beginning of goodbyes. Backcountry camping at it finest! By the time our group got… Continue reading Winchester Peak Lookout & Twin Lakes

2016, Hiking, Lifestyle, Pacific Northwest, Seattle, Travel Log, Washington

Sweaty Hike Through Saint Edwards State Park

Boy was it hot on the day I decided to go take an urban hike through Saint Edwards State Park! This solo adventure started off with me asking myself is this worth getting sweaty? Yes! I started out towards the beach (Lake Washington) for a glimpse of the lake from a different angle. I started… Continue reading Sweaty Hike Through Saint Edwards State Park

2015, Health & Fitness, Hiking, Pacific Northwest, Seattle, Washington

Hiking Wallace Falls

2015: Looking back on all the hikes I have done over the years and I can say I have hiked Wallace Falls in all seasons. Strange to think that it is the primary hike that I have done with others. This past March I hiked this very same trail with Megan for her college geography… Continue reading Hiking Wallace Falls